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Dont know what I was thinking...

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So Im at school on Thursday having a generally good day and decide to overdose on whatever tablets I had on hand. Anyway it was about 2 in the afternoon when I did it and within about an hour I was feeling pretty crappy. I figured maybe it was just because I was hungry and not because of the OD so I had something to eat and went to sleep at home on the couch. When I woke up the pain was really bad and I felt nauseous, it was bad.

Anyway I didnt think I had taken that much but I called the crisis line and told them what I had done and asked them what I should do and they said I needed to go to the hospital so they called the ambulance for me and the ambulance came and then the police showed up.

I went to the hospital and they kept me overnight as it took them a while to medically clear me and I saw psych in the morning and they let me go home.

Anyway, I just had to tell my latest story

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well i hope you are feeling better hun and i hope next time you go to hospital first okay don't do damage to your organs by od okay I am glad you called and went for help hugs


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I am feeling better. I was fortunate that I didnt have more tablets on me at the time as I would have taken them. But yeah I am glad to a) not have done any damage to myself and b) to not have ended up in the psych ward.
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