Don't know what to believe

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    My head keeps coming up with things that are making me bad, like now its saying my tablets are bad and i need to stop them, that here this website is bad, that people don't like me, i don't fit in, people leave rooms or look annoyed because i did something wrong. But then it also convinced me to think i was going blind and they tell me that's not real. I still think there's something horrible about my skin, they tell me that's not real, but how can i trust them when my head tells me they are trying to mess with my head and make things worse, they are playing tricks and want you to suffer. I keep wanting to cut my hands off because I can't stand them, They look horrible, people say they don't, they just trying to make me keep them so they can laugh. everyday is spent trying to ignore it when around other people, so they don't know, I can't let them know, either my heads lying to me and these thoughts are weird or people are lying to me and I can't trust them :unsure:
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    Hugs to you hun Can you talk to your doctor soon hun and get meds adjusted abit It is sohard hun when your mind does that makes you so afraid of everyone hugs
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    how do trust doctor?