Don't know what to do. Any help please?

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    Today was definitely one of my worse days. I've felt so lonely and angry and worthless through the entire day. I am once again crying uncontrollably and the thought of killing myself has become the main thought my mind orbits. I'm just so tired of feeling like this. I'm crying now while typing this, and I desperately wish that something would just come along and end my suffering. Yes, that's right, I'm not living, I'm suffering through my existence.

    Why should I continue to suffer? Nobody cares about me. The people I had thought to call friends have shown time and again that they do not require me in their lives. My parents see me only as a complete and utter disappointment. The problem is I'm just not sure. I don't know how my death will affect people. Will they see my passing off with a casual shrug or will they cry, mourn and in the end be left off even worse than before? I do not want my death to affect people adversely, I do not want to hurt anybody. But at the same time I'm just so tired of suffering.
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    I am sorry that you are feeling so bad. But keep distracting yourself, you can get thru this. *hugs*
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    Stop. Deep breath. It's a bad day, but you've shared that load now. With every breath and every word try and feel relief even if you do cry through it all. Sometimes there is nothing more cathartic that tears. Everything is better out than in. Please don't feel worthless because you're not, we are all valuable in our own way to someone even if not yet.
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