Don't know what to do anymore..?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Ice Cold, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. Ice Cold

    Ice Cold Member

    Well I'm stuck in life. I'm 16 years of age and wish to take my life. But before I do I wish to know if there's any other escape routes.

    I'm 16 years of age, my mum had abused me from as far as I can remember, I lost my first teeth when she punched me in the mouth and told me to tell everyone I tripped up if they asked. As I was young I didn't know why so I just did. From the age of 12-15 she fed me off bourbon biscuits, chips, custard creams, pizza and other various bits. My dad never particularly did much for me, but he's helping a little bit more now. I moved out of my mums at the end of January to live with my current girlfriend at the time(now ex) and I still live there. It just seems unfair I'm still here although I pay my rent with my DLA benifit for major depression and ADHD. So soon I expect to be homeless as she's making shit up to her mum about me now too. I just have no idea on what to do anymore with my life. I can't even get a job as no one replies, my dad can't take me in as he wont let me and there's just nothing else to do in life. So can someone please help me on what to do. I know my story may not seem 'big' but it's how I'm feeling, life cannot go on how it is, just for the pure fact I just can't carry on anymore...
  2. Nekosuki

    Nekosuki Member

    Hi hun. It sounds like you've had a tough beginning in life. I take it with the dla comment you're in the uk? If so then your local council can grant emergency housing if you fit the criteria. Might be worth a look, especially if you can't stay where you are or rely on your parents

    It is tough getting a job, especially when you have mental health issues but there are also places that help people like us get work placements and even support for your first year of paid work. A list should be available online or from your local jobcentre. And because dla is not seen as a taxable income you'll still receive it even if you do work.

    You've been through so much so young but there is help out there :)
  3. KimieMoruko

    KimieMoruko New Member

    Goodness.. You have been through a lot. I'm just really happy to see that you're asking for help instead of keeping it bottled up. I lost my older brother to suicide. I joined this site so I could help people, talk to them, make them laugh, and just overall try to get them through the horrible times that are passing.
    I'd really like to talk to you and be there for you when you need somebody to talk to.
    Message me if you'd like, sha.
    And if you're interesting in voice chatting, I have skype.
    Stay strong and think before you do something you'll regret.. ^^ I find the people who think there is nobody to care for them.. Have very many unnoticed people who do, in fact, love and care about them.
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