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Don't know what to do anymore!

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Well a little about my past.. I have been a suicidal for about 14 years with many attempts on my life... Some were admittedly for attention... A few were not. I have ended up in hospital a couple of times after attempts and did see a crisis team. There is rarely a day that goes by that i dont think of ending it.. I only ever hold on for others!

Well recently I lost my family (cuz the way I am) and friends... The only person I had was my GF... I am currently homeless, no money, losing weight so badly... I was holding on for my GF who I loved more than anything... Well now I have just found out she has repeatedly cheated on me! So now she has gone too! I have no-one at all anymore and the solitude is killing me! I feel strongly like I wanna let go!!! So so so much!

I don't wanna let others beat me though hence I am here!! I am scred to goto the hospital as I dont wanna be sectioned! But if I dont get help I WILL end it!

Help me someone!


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Hi MMMeeeeee,


I wish I could do something to help, but all I can do is wish you the best and offer to listen to anything you want to vent. I can relate to how it feels to want to commit suicide and not be able to control the urges. Drop me a PM anytime. :hugtackles:




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Well, first, here is how it works in my state in the United States. I'm not sure where you're from.

Here, there has to be a screener who will talk to you and try to get a good grasp of how you are feeling. He/she will probably ask you whether you feel suicidal, whether you feel like acting on those thoughts, and ask you more details about your plans. He/she may also ask about your past problems with suicidal ideation, whether this would be your first hospitalization, whether you're getting treatment, etc.

Then, he/she will probably call a psychiatrist, who will then decide after being told in a nutshell your condition/circumstances whether hospitalization for you is a must, whether you will be sectioned/committed, or whether you can go home or go to the hospital.

Basically, you have to meet the criteria of being an imminent threat to yourself or other criteria (unspecified - self harm, hearing voices telling you to kill yourself, psychotic episode etc.).

I hope I was helpful in this post.
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