Don't know what to do.

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    My ex husband committed suicide last august, leaving behind our 16 year old daughter, and 13 year old son. It's been nine months since his suicide and I thought it was getting easier to cope, for my daughter especially. They all shared birthdays really close together in May, and she's just been a crying wreck. It hurts me see her this way. She asked me today if she and her brother wasn't good enough reason for him to want to live. I don't know how to answer that. Know one knows why he did it.
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    Hi Anita i am sorry their father could not hold on What you tell them is that he had an illness called Depression and that the illness if he did not get it looked after took him away
    NOT them the illness just took him away I hope for their sakes you can get them some counseling ok to help them deal with their loss and grief hugs to you
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    I am sorry that you find yourself in such a difficult situation. I think it is very important that you locate some professional supports for your children; there are services available and if you speak to your doctor they will be able to point you in the right direction. I would imagine they need some specialised grief counselling. Their feelings sound very normal, but they cannot be allowed to take root. In terms of how you answer your daughter's worries that she and her brother were not enough, explaining that mental illness makes it impossible to see things rationally or to think straight is really the only way to go.

    Professional help is vital here I think. Call your doctor.

    Take care :hug:
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    How sad. Are they in therapy?