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  1. marti123

    marti123 New Member

    This friday just gone my partner of 13 years suddenly changed and said she no longer loves me and she is unsure what she wants and feels like running away. It was like a completly diffrent person it wasnt her, over the weekend she has been stopping at friends and ive had the 3 boys who are 11, 9 and 3 and it came to a head on sunday i tried take a overdose but it did nothing. Things carmed down about until monday or was it tuesday im sorry but my head is all over the place. She decided to blurt out in my face that shes been seeing someone from work for 3 months, unfortunatly i slaped her twice in anger which isnt me and she knows that in 13 years ive never raised my hand once im not a violent person. I said sorry straight away and she accepted that but i was still angry so i went on the phone and decided to tell everyone how dirty she is and what shes done to us as all this time she wants to throw our family and 13 years away without getting any help. She left the house and the next thing the police came as she had complined i hit her, she didnt press charges but she came in got some things and went to a friends house and i was with the children i think it was tuesday. I just coulndt cope anymore i totaly lost it and i still feel like i want to die so i tried cutting my wrist but the dam knife was blunt, I know the children were in the house so i text her to come get them so they didnt see anything. The police came and took me to hospital and i was released that night. I saw my gp yesterday and I was still feeling the same i havent eaten in 3 days and i havent slept either, she gave me some sleeping pills and on my way home i bought some ibuprofen and i already had some anti depressants in the house and i took them all and once again it didnt work i dont know who called the police but they turned up as i didnt tell anyone what i was doing. She is the best thing that has every happend to me in my life i mean im 39 now and all my life has been one disaster after another ive had a terrible life till i met her, every woman ive ever been with has cheated on me and she knows this and shes done it herself. I honestly can not carry on without her she is my world I have nothing without her. I have no family up where i live and no friends im totaly alone and lost and i can not see any point in carrying on i just want the pain to end once and for all. Sorry to burden everyone but i dont know what to do.

    On monday i managed to get her to go to the doctors herself and she saw a locam she said how she was feeling how she was down on life didnt know what to do wanted to run away and all the docotr told her was if you want to run away then run away very helpful.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    time to talk to someone that knows how to help both you and your wife. Get ahold of a psychologist someone that deals with marriage councilling okay. Go together or even on your own if she won't go but get therapy okay.
    You are both forgetting about your children who need someone here to stay stable and strong for them They are confused and afraid as well you know.
    Time for marriage councilling a psychologist for you to help you deal with this time to be strong now get help so you will be able to help your children grow to be strong. take care okay.
  3. marti123

    marti123 New Member

    the problem is she wont do anything about it over a weekend my whole life has been destroyed, shes not interested in counciling nothing.
  4. Stray

    Stray Account Closed

    She's a cheating bitch and please believe me not all women cheat. You still have your children to live for. The pain of losing her will get easier with time you just need to get through this grief stage. Then maybe you can start looking for a new partner.
  5. marti123

    marti123 New Member

    every woman ive been with has cheated on me and she knows this yet after 13 years she goes and does it herself.
  6. jxdama

    jxdama Staff Member Safety & Support

    perhaps you can find another?
  7. Forgotten_Man

    Forgotten_Man Well-Known Member

    :sad: this is why I am so scared to give myself to anyone. I hear stories like this and read about how women fall out of love. Pick up artists come up with all kinds of excuses centering around women get bored easily. Anyway enough of my rant.

    All I can say is you need to let her go. If you found love once you can find it again, or so I am told. So I will say this. I have an uncle who was married for about 20 years and he got a divorce. He is out there dating and meeting new females. You can do the same.

    I recently went through a rough break up myself. I begged and pleaded with her to give me one final chance. In the end she told me that her feelings for me were getting in the way of this relationship she is in now. So I no longer talk to her. I find that despising her helps. She is a slut who will take anyone to bed who utters the word girlfriend. In my heart I will always fondly remember our good times. There will also always be a part of me that loves her. However, now I have to move on. I use my anger at her to fuel the fires of change. Change become better faster stronger smarter sexier. You know she may get dumped. She may realize what a mistake she made. If you change you can recapture her interest. Use this time to confirm your feelings for her. Part of me thinks that I only really love my ex because she was pretty and let me have sex with her. So while she is gone I am going to improve myself and hopefully meet someone else. So I can see what I really feel for her.

    I am pretty sire there is advice some where in there... just... not sire where. I know I need to follow this advice as well. Take this time to find your own life so the next one can be a part of it.
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