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Don't know what to do

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I feel my best friend is fading away from me. She's in a lot of pain. She was recently diagnosed with Torticollis and has severe neck pain. She says she's in agony for most of the day which adds tremendously to her depression. She has threatened suicide before. I try to console her, but it's not enough. I'm afraid of what she might do.

This, in turn, is making me more depressed and suicidal. When I think of the times we weren't able to meet -- wish I lived closer to her. I hope she doesn't shut herself off from everything in her life.


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It is so difficult to watch someone go through something like that...I am hopeful that your friend is getting the care she needs...like in any troubling situation, what we can do is show our caring and query the person to see what we can do for them...best of luck to her and you, J


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It sounds like you are a good friend to have.. You share her pain and thoughts..If you can't see her everyday can you at least call her and have a chat?? I feel for you.. Going thru this does take a toll on you..You should take sometime for you..Can you talk her into going to therapy.. Maybe even go with her when you can..
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