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    over the last few weeks i have been helping out with house cleaning and moving of stuff, while i was doing so i did something to my already screwed up lower back. the last 4 days have been the worst i have ever felt and the depression from that is even more worse than normal. i can barely walk because of this pinched nerve and when i step with my left leg i get this unbearable pain that shoots down my leg. it has me so angry and depressed i just want to be done... there is nothing more than being incapacitated at the age of 41... i know people 30 years older than me that can get around better. im tired of this pain and there is no cure for what i have. sitting at the hospital for 4-5 hours isnt my idea of a good time, besides they have no clue what to give me as they never do. so what am i suppose to do for the next 2 days, sit here and suffer?
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    what does it do?