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don't know why i feel like this!

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i don't understand it...
i haven't felt the urge to cut in forever...
i have a great girlfriend...
i have a good job and the people there are pretty nice.

though i doubt anyone can...

can anyone explain to me why i so badly and so suddenly want to kill myself?

...it hasn't just been tonight that such thoughts have entered into my head. it's been the past few. just...

it's inexplicable to yours truly. i can't understand why i would have these thoughts again even after all this good stuff has happened.

...i just can't understand it.
does anyone else feel like this or know what this is all about?

applicable response would be lovely.


Lady E

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I've been through this and I read about it in a bunch of books where sometimes when you are doing really well and things start to fall into place after a very intense depression you are on this reaaly happy upswing and then all of a sudden you get these Suicidal urges out of nowhere. I think it happens to everyone and in a twisted way it's your subconscious testing you.
You have to fight the urges and focus on the good things in life and how far you have come. Try and keep yourself busy and take it one second at a time. Write about your urges instead of acting upon them.
Henry I hope things get better for you soon :hug:

CM 1000

I believe that it is because you have an archetypal idea of you kill. This idea is unconscious sometimes during several years and then it goes up with the conscience following certain emotions. You know that such an idea is very powerful and thus comes from your ancestors it really does not belong to you. I believe that the best way of getting rid some is to make a meditation the eyes close ` ' you must think than this idea come you from your ancestors and than you this idea gives to them and than they will be able what to make avec' '. For more information on the archetypal idea to see French site an idea of archetypal nature, according to Dr. Daniel Bordeleau http://www.forum.umontreal.ca/numeros/1997-1998/Forum97-11-17/article05.html you can use to translate. http://babelfish.altavista.com/


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:) thank you for your reply.
(and may i take this time to say i really enjoy your avi and location. teehee.)

what you say makes sense...and i refuse to let myself get knocked down to where i was. i simply refuse.

*many hugs for you*
thank you for your words. they're much appreciated.

have a good one! or..at least a better one.

- Henry
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