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dont know why Im forced to stay alive

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I want to end it and people stands in my way and they think they know whats better for me but they dont know me they dont understands what im going through and they dont understand how it feels to see and hear the dead 24/7 and just want it over with so tired of this thing called life and ready to move on


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People stand in your way because they care - most people want others to live.

As for seeing the dead - you mean you hallucinate?

Or do you really think you have that ability?

I know people who have 'second sight' as we call it - a few woman.

Please explain more mate.



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"Your friends never get in your way, unless you happen to be going down."

I'm so sorry you feel this way, please know any time you need to talk I am available to talk, if you would like. <3
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