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I am just never going to get better, its been years. Every iteration is worse. Its been a long time since I let anyone new into my life, I'm so afraid of disappointing anyone else. what to do? its so easy, but so hard. i gave up on myself a couple yrs ago, i was just hoping someone else would save me...but thats just selfish and unfair and I get mad at myself for that...and for not doing anything...and for the tears i cry every weekend. Weekends and summers are the worst, Durkheim was right.

I don't have anyone to talk to right now. Just hoping this will make me feel a pinch better. I love you all.


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Hi Jordan, welcome to the forum. It's normal to isolate yourself when you feel down and depressed, but it only ends up making us feel worse than ever. Do you think you could tell people in real life how you're feeling, such as your doctor? :hug:


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hay pal, its so good you decided to post that.
talk to me if ya need to say anything at all, you gotta let it out somtimes and this site is great. your not feeling great and its heathly to talk about problems in life.
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