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Dont remember much about last two days

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I slept 18 hours yesterday with help. I find myself pushing the envelope further and further. Took ambien, Tylenol PM and Melatonin, it knocked me out alright. I really dont want to wake up. I know a lot of you here feel or have felt like i do, I am trying to make it through hoping there is some relief one day. Between my stomach husrting all the time and just feeling plain empty it is a tough ride. Not sure what to do any more.
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Ambien can be dangerous to some degree, I survived it myself. I turned to it when I couldn't handle things, took too many just so I could sleep it off. Sometimes you just need a break.. I stopped taking it by my own choice early in the year, it really has the potential for abuse when your depressed.

What's wrong with your stomach? Is it from stress?? Have you seen a gastroenterologist? Stomach pain can be controlled, and I know that sucks, but try not to let that get you down. See the right doctor, you can get help with that.


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I used to get codiene with paracetamol - I took 8 tabs a day (for back pain) but the paracetamol (Americans call it acetaminophen) was bad for my stomach.

some doctors cried the blues when I asked for pure codeine - but the paracetamol and codeine can be separated by simple chemistry - so I done this to stop the stomach pain.

Thankfully I met my current doctor who agreed that whilst pure codeine might be abused - he trusted me not to do so. Besides - you only get so much - I get 240 mg a day of dihydracodeine. OK - sometimes, I admit - its better than an anti depressant - its opiates - or opioid - which calm you down - and have little side effects.

You got to be very careful. So very very careful!

Pure codeine is ideal for me. No pain in the stomach.

Sleeping pills - again there is a potential not so much for abuse - people feel like dying and pop a few pills and feel OK again. Who can blame them? Not me! I've used drugs to make life easier - I think certain drugs have saved me at times - I mean its a choice - and if I chose heroin I'd be fu**** - just like a lot of lads and girls I know - the living dead! Almost!

Well - drugs might be a parachute - but you cannot spend life crashing out of the skies - you got to live most of life sober - leave it for the evening if that is your thing.

Tonight - I have consumed some wine - South African stiff - 13.5% proof! Actually too strong - too much of a kick in it - and you wonder have they added alcohol to it?

But I've only had one glass.

Later - I shall commit a little more - imbibe in something no doubt.

And wake up the nest day feeling fine.

Sober is good though - being sober and happy - the joys thereof!

We live in hope eh?

Yes - hope.

Costs nothing.

Unlike dope!

Well - I play guitar so am entitled to free things - gifts from my brethren - offerings for the man! And I thank you!

MOST sincerely!

Good Luck JCC2001

Hope you can find some sense in what I say.

Best wishes!
Thanks all. I have "C DIFF" and have had it for 3 years, 11 times. I am one of the lucky 25% who continues to relapse. With it you get unbearable pain, diarrehea, weight loss, fatigue, then the immune system gets stressed and I get a whole host of other things. So, that has thrown me into depression. During all this my Dad died, one of my best friends died, my marriage was stressed so we went to counseling, my son joins the Air Force, had about 10 things happening. I have a Gastro and family doc who keeps me alive. I have to take pain meds to function, not every day, but most days. When I go off of them I feel pain in my stomach so I cant eat but I do go off of them. I dont have any withdrawals except that pain returns. Ambien I will take and then go off for days at a time. Some days are very very bad physically. I have been on every med there is for it, even the newest one and I am considering other things, experimental(stool transfers, Immunoglobulin IV, things like that.) I thank you for the encouragement, just to know you guys have been there and made it thru is helpful.


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Codeine for stomach pain, nunnn uhhhh. I am seriously sensitive to codeine, it will make my stomach hurt worse than any pain pill I have ever used. I would not even have stomach problems if it weren't for fentanyl. Gave me gerd, so now I get to deal with chronic inflammation, cancer risk, ulcer's. All so fun.. Narcotics are not healthy for your gastrointestinal track, neither are anti-inflammatory medications.

Have you tried anything natural to help your digestive tract? Digestive enzymes, white fish suppliments (Seacure??). Never hurts to give it a try. I'd keep some pepto or imodium around for the diarrhea. Shit I can't remember the name, but I get this nasty tasting liquid stuff that relieves heartburn, gas, bloating, all that good stuff, when my bowels are hurting really bad, it helps that pain, but unfortunetly, you have to drink alot of it sometimes.

I don't know if you've heard of this, but I had barrett's esophagus from severe inflammation. I took digestive enzymes for a couple of months and it healed it. That is the condition that put me at such a high risk for cancer. I can't say that suppliment would do a thing to help you, but don't underestimate what it might be capable of doing.
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