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    Don't Say Goodbye by Lee
    January 24 2006

    Her hands were still warm against mine,
    Though her breath was as still as a willow
    wisp lazily floating onto the calm waters,
    Waiting, for an absolution to the pain.

    " You're so beautiful, no matter where you are,"
    the words echo back ten years when I took a knee
    and opened the dreams that would soon
    unfold in front of her eyes....

    Her eyes, shut since day one of the accident,
    A respirator only separated her from a visit
    to God, though he could only feel the same
    sentimental tears ebbing down my face.

    " And will you take this woman's hand...."
    Church bells rained down upon the sandy
    shores of Monterrey, as two souls became
    one in matrimony for a goddess to be.

    My how the years fly by, and I remember all
    those cherished memories; not here in this
    white-walled hospital; not in this confined bed,
    nor the machines hooked up to you....

    " My god this place is so beautiful...."
    Sunsets, they remind me of rebirth,
    Our first child together, and she saw the
    sun dip low over the horizon for the first time.

    I cry now, even though you may not hear me,
    I cry when I she asks me if you're asleep now,
    I cry before all this happened and now
    I cry one more time after saying I love you.

    " Two souls, one heart, love lasts forever..."
    I say this tonight, when one day our paths
    will come across again, and we share the kiss,
    that brought all of us together.

    .."Goodbye my love....."

    (Wrote this poem in perspective of another person that did endure this, both of them are somewhere in the heavens together...)
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    that is really beautiful. i'm really glad i read it
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