Dont shout at me

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    you know i dont like it. you know what it does to me so why the fuck do you do it?! i don't care if you flipped out and lost control, you have no fucking idea what goes on in my head for weeks after you shout at me. no one understands how easily im hurt and how hard it is for me to make myself decent again.

    im emotionally and physically exhausted, i have shitloads of schoolwork to do and i'm worried about a friend, my most amazing friend that i can't help because i keep falling asleep when i talk to her coz i'm so tired!!!

    im sat here secretly in tears while your stropping downstairs! ive been trying so damn hard for you this last week and you dont seem to have seen that. after everything ive been through with mum and dad i'd expect you of all people to understand that you need to be carefull with how you screw at me. dont shout because that just sets me back 4 paces!
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    :hug: I dont know what ot say aside from I'm sorry tht they are screaming at you. You know where to find me if you need to talk.
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    :hug: beaks
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    hun, she had no right to shout at you. We all have our bad days tho, just try ignore it. I know you told me about this when it happened, but if theres anything i can do im only a text or a call away. Be safe.

    Luff ya x