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Discussion in 'Bullying and Violence' started by Savior, Jul 16, 2007.

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    Well, i dont know f this is the right section, hope it fits.
    Anyways, I wanna share something i've just told via Yahoo to my american friend shaun: since it required no translation i thought to post it on here too in english ;)
    Gotta say that i've felt suicidal in the past for lighter things that happened to me, but this time i don't, something in me just wants to live on, and i know have the strenght to: thats what i wish to everyone. love yourself and your life!

    shaun: Sal whats going on? You just got me really scared what happened?

    Salvo xyz: oh, i wanted to talk to you about it "live" but since i'm going to leave (probably on friday) for the seaside theres the change we wont be chatting for some weeks (i will be w/o internet)
    Salvo xyz: well... i was beaten up (i was beat up, maybe? you pick one) on saturday night. i was walking back home after the Genesis had their concert in rome and three people (immigrates, propably from albany - the nation... not the city.. ) decided i was apparently rich enough to have valuables to steal. so one they knocked me down and took my cell phone and keys outta my pocket while keeping punchin me and kickin in the face
    Salvo xyz: somehow i managed to escape, and somehow i still had my wallet with me with money and more importantly all my documents, so the bastardards know not my address even if they might have my keys (which i doubt: i think that i just dropped them as i was escaping)

    Salvo xyz: covered in blood, but feeling overall OK, i reached a near hospital....

    Salvo xyz: i was most terrified cos i had lost my keys and i had nobody home: my parents were in the south, i was still in rome for university duties, so i was hurt and alone ... hardly had someone to call. well, i spent the night at someguy's place i met at the hospital, he was most kind in helping me in my situation; sunday morning i could reach a friend of mine's home. then i called my parents who came back the very same day (that is... yesterday) from Lecce with the other keys so we could get back inside home.
    Salvo xyz: The doc gave me 5 stitches in my mouth (pretty painful: i think i can definitely handle a tattoo, after that) and my face's - and here i dont know the english word to use: the dictionary suggests swollen, bloated, puffed up: anyway, my face's bigger; but i'll recover soon and im gonna be as handsome as always (maybe even more, with the little scar i may get, keepin fingers crossed).

    Salvo xyz: and thats my story... maybe i skipped some details, like the precise hour, im sure you are wodering if anybody saw anything, if i tried to defend myself or maybe to react: i wanna get over it, shaunie. ive spent the most horrible night of my life... as i lay and i try to sleep i see them on me again... my body will recover in a few days (my dad's so proud for the rock i proved i am, cos i'm relatively fine), my mind maybe something more, but i'm ok. I'm ok, I'm ok, I'm ok. Got it? really, I'm fine.

    Salvo xyz: and i was very happy to meet some EXTREMELY kind people, there at the hospital: despite of my horrible appearence (i was much uglier than i thought, when i saw myself in the mirror - the nurse did not clean my face properly, we could say) that helped me out a lot: the guy who offered me a bed for the night, a pretty girl, a caring middle aged woman, a nice man and his HOT 19yo son: i got his number, i might invite him for a coffe when i'm better looking.

    Salvo xyz: Shaun im kidding, but i was really shocked, and i am now, a little, especially when i think ive gotta thank Lord for letting me get thru this pratically with no injure. Almost no harm at all, and i could have got killed... i dont know what to think, i just wanted to scream my fear. should i look for inner peace? should i move on? should i become a priest, is that a 'sign'? by the way, as you may know, i do belive in signs: i actually received signs not to take the path home i took, but i was never intelligent enough to follow them until it was too late. besides, its not the first time it happens to me, but never was i involved in such painful consequences; i'm here to tell the whole story, so im definitely blessed. I love you shaun. really.

    Salvo xyz: one more thing.... im a shy guy, im not telling this all and making a fuss about it with everyone: not even the girl i consider my best friend, cinzia, know about it by now. wtf... not even renè does: i've lost his number cos my phone was stolen, ive gotta get it back somehow. damn, i hadnt thought about it, i'll do it right away. I'm telling you this because I know you care about me, at least as much as I care about you. you pefectly know i dont mean to pain you: i think you deserve me to express myself, cos you've done so much for me and, despite the distance, you were always "there" for me....

    end of the "letter" :>
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