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dont wanna go on

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I cant think,part of me is hoping,but I dont see any hope for me.I dont know what ive done to myself,my life all gone,im judged and im someone none wants to know,i wasnt like that all my life till 2-3years ago i have ruined me life,just dont wanna live
hun Im sorry.Im very distressed as I planned to take me life,Im going to have something to eat and settle down.i dont mean to be like this.Im OK.May I get back to you in a little while?Thanks for replying hun


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take care of yourself please!!! we can always build up again. just for now give yourself a break, try some medication and relax!!! your health is your true wealth!!!
Hey :) i hope you are feeling much better since you last posted. It would help to hear about whag exactly it js that js troubling you. I don't really wanna sound like a show-off or a sarcastic bugger either but i have pretty much messed up my life for quite a while now,i would say around 6-8 yrs more or less. So i can relate to what you are going through. Depression and frustration can take the better of us sometimes,when this happens it's just best to let yourself indulge in what you find joy/solace in,for example,watching a nice movie or going for a stroll in a park or some nice music etc etc. So please do get back to us with what you are facing. Take care :)
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