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  1. Sorry it happened so fast. I looked but no one was there. The thoughts are so strong and bad. And just like that they hit. So many bad and horrible things I want to do to myself right now! I'm so so scared. I dont want to be in this place especially all alone. I feel like I've used up all the good in me and now the bad is there to take over. I cant stop the thoughts and dont know how much longer I can stop myself. Dont even know why I posted this, it isnt going to help. I want help but there isnt any, atleast not for me. Please dont be disappointed in me, I hate the thought of that.
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    No. You're wrong.

    Good stays in a person, it's part of your character. It can't ever run out. It is like a pearl shining in each and everyone of us, all of us has good in us, no matter how much there is. But sometimes, the pearl is being hidden and covered up by mud. You need to polish it, polish the goodness in you. Start from small things around you, like, maybe helping to clean the floor. Then go on to bigger things, like donating to charities etc.

    May you discover your goodness in yourself =]

    You can add me on messenger if you want to =]

    My first time in this site, sorry if I didn't post the reply at the correct place or smth.

    Loves, jess <3
Thread Status:
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