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don't want to be alone but lack a voice :(

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back from kendo - otherwise i would have been on sooner.
got my wife into the beginners - moving everest would have been easier. lol
im wishing you well as always!!!
im always here for you whenever you need someone!!!


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after taking most of skin off my finger, no biggie, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

i am scared, but fear is nothing compared to the pain. i guess its a matter of when i decide it's too much? it is too much as it is.

i wish i could talk but i can't...i feel everything locked inside of me.
words just not appropriate. hopefully my life was a testimony of my love.
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i just want to hug my son ****Tears****

obviously that is not going to happen

i am so fucked up
freaked out

i am glad you are okay. xxxxxx
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cannot trust myself to respond to anyone
too much pain
don't wish to hurt anyone

back to my isolation

thanks all

hugs for all


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*hug kali I understand hon as we said last night it was fate that we met and its fate we are both still here when you're ready please talk to me again


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yeah, and pplease do

but this family member is falling out
i'm total fuck up
don't want to fuck up anyone else with me
not right for me to do so

i'm too fucking far gone for a pro life group to be of help
what? convince me i should be happily confined to bed in pain?
i don't think so

i want out
i just have to find my courage...it will come. Those who left before me found it, it just took them a bit to get there. I'll get there. this is not exactly an easy thing...nor was it for those before me. no turning back.

love hugs

can't just lay here fucking sobbing
vacillating between rage and sobs

this type of thing one is meant to be alone
i will never regret not abandoning those i cared about...at least they didn't go alone...for that i will always feel i did the right thing.

hate this body loathe it
screw it


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*hug awww kali I feel for you please at least try getting your son on skype first ok just to talk I know its not a hug but at least you can say good bye ok for me please do it.
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