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Don't want to go on

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by SadSoap, Dec 29, 2015.

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  1. SadSoap

    SadSoap New Member

    I am just a mess, feel alone.
    I feel alone and a failure. my mental illness hurts my gf and hurts myself.
    i don't even deserve her, yet she puts up with my shit all the time even if she does think i'm annoying.
    i'm a skinny ugly twerp and she's this beautiful tall long haired beauty, God knows how she's been with my for so long.
    but it's not about looks. i'm a liar and a bother to everyone and i'm better off gone.
    Skype is bad news. i've uninstalled it too many people on that programme that are just awful human-beings that can't be trusted.
    I am an asshole and i hate the fact that I am. I wish I wasn't.
    No where to escape too, no where to turn.
    No where to go, if i were to die now my mother would be heart broken, she doesn't want to lose her son.
    i dont learn by my mistakes, i just hurt myself more and more.
    i hurt everyone, if i don't die. i should just be a hermit and live alone where I will die of loneliness.
    I will only hurt myself then. i hate myself and i hate when i become.
    no enjoyment anymore, no fun, no peace, no sleep, no nothing.
    I can't even tell you whats on my mind or whats happening.
    And the way the site is now i don't even know how to enter a chat or discuss things in private.
    I really just lost.
  2. True-Lee

    True-Lee Well-Known Member

    I am sorry SadSoap, I am sorry You feel like you do. I want you to know that We do not think you are a mess or a failure, and when you are here you will not be alone. You are not Alone when you are not even here! You are a member of this Forum, You right now are having what you posted read by I don't know how many people, I myself welcomed you here back in October!
    We in this forum do not Judge you so in here we don't know or care how you look, I am glad that you have come back here, you are most Welcome here, We are here for you, You have someplace to come, you may escape some of your problems here, at least forget them for a while while you are here, SadSoap I please Hope, you do not Hurt or harm Yourself! We are here to talk with you, we are here to help You, we do not want to lose you, I do not know what you think you have or may have done, it does not matter right now, right now YOU are what we care about. you came in here asking for a place to go, you came here because You are hurting. I want You to know that i and most of the people in here have been and some right now Feel just like you I have hurt my self, I have hurt others, I have hated myself as well, I have suffered like you do right Now. I suffer from depression just as you are suffering From Depression, I don't see Anything Beautiful anymore, I keep to myself, I do not really have to much fun, Talk to Us because we know how you feel, we know what you are dealing with and going through . More then A Year ago, I came into this Forum Saying almost the same things you were saying/ Are Saying! To the month, I am here now for you!
    There is a chat it is new and Different, there are PMs so that you cant talk to people in Private, there are some changes that you can learn to use and get through, when you come back we can talk to you, and tell you what you can do to use them. Please keep posting Please talk to us, we, myself and others are here for You We will help you deal with some of the things that are troubling you and help you work through them, no matter how bad it looks, what you are going through is temporary, we will try to help you to deal with it! Welcome Back!
  3. SadSoap

    SadSoap New Member

    Thanks for caring Lee, sometimes i just don't know what to say here or how to say it.
    specially here, like above i just started writing, it probably didn't sound articulate but i'm just very ... i wont say confused but my head is fullly active and its hard to think or sleep.
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