don't you ever think?

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that if all the serial killers/murder-ers/kidnappers were to only harm the people who want to leave this earth would be much better?
its sad enough when innocent people get killed but why not the suicidal people, why can't the evil people out there give the suicidal people a favor...
idk i'm just thinking out loud..
i wouldn't mind if it happened to me.


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This world of ours we live in wouldn't be better in my opinion. That would be like picking up all the popcorn bags from the floor at a messy Carnival. Sure the popcorn bags would be gone but they're still other messes around making it the mess that it is. Idk.. Weird imagery of mine there. Plus I just don't think that would be to good of an idea. For one.. How would they keep targeting all of the suicidal ones? Sometimes they claim that they want to die yet they'll have some good days and change their minds for a bit like me for example.. Suicidal people aren't really making the world what it is.. Its all these Economical issues, Rivalries, etc. If anything.. Those may be the reasons they're suicidal in the first place. It sucks that innocent people die everyday but thats just what happens... :/
So yeah.. Interesting topic here though.


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I've thought of this too. It would sort of be like organ donation, only you could make a gift of life itself.

It would be a great idea if it were possible. Sadly, it's not.
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