Don't You Mind?

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    This song is one of my favorite because it almost defines my life in a way. Its almost like the songwriter knew my thoughts as he wrote it.
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    Hey !

    I read your thread on the Members's Diary section.

    I was thinking that it might not change everything but if you want you probably can change your name.
    At some point when I was a teenager I wanted to change mine so I looked for it and in most western country at least for what I know it is not impossible ... it's paper thing.

    I looked a bit and found this :

    I think it's important to like your name which is why I looked formyself back at that time.
    A first name will be easier to change.
    And worst things you might ask for people to call you by your middle name ... which is what a friend of my mother did because she disliked her first name a lot.

    take care
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    Why am I only see this now?

    Thanks for the info. I will definitely have to go get mine changed. I think I just have to pay a small amount at the my local DMV.