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dont you think this is odd

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sorry i dont know where to put this...

my mum is a psychologist and helps people with depression everyday... and only now since i have got depression she has brought all these books on depression and SH and suicide? shouldnt she already know how to deal with all this stuff? and i aint even asking for her help, coz i dont want it!
sorry i just think its odd.
Not necessarily, there are always new discoveries being made in the field of psychology, it's an on-going learning process for everyone. Some psychologists have knowledge in very specific fields, though I agree that nearly all would understand depression and forms of treatment, as it occurs so commonly in the general population. Many people have some unique mental condition they may not be aware of, and we may not define or understand as a society. Everyone is different, while depression is a common condition - the sources of depression vary greatly, so it can sometimes take considerable research to understand how to best deal with each specific case appropriately. Comparing our experiences to others' examples is never a bad thing either, and it is common for people to be incorrectly diagnosed since symptoms of many conditions overlap. Depression itself isn't really the main problem, it's usually just a symptom of underlying problems.. the underlying conditions "sources" are the real challenges to deal with.
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