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  1. Elle.

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    I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

    I feel SO alone all the time it's just driving me crazy. Every time I come close to finding someone I can actually talk to, they turn away or screw me over

    I'm at home now - it's lunchtime. Well it was. But as usual I have no intentions of going back to school. I hate it. Usually my mom's home to tell me to go back to school and everythings ok and I'm over reacting and that crap but she doesn't know. She does not know how they can make me feel. I don't want to go back.

    I won't.
  2. total eclipse

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    Hey sorry you are feeling this way. Can you write a note to your mom explaining what you go through everyday and how your feeling. Explain to her that it would be good to see the doctor to maybe go on some antianxiety medication. This help my daughter as she was able to open up more and talk to people. If not you can phone crisis team and talk to them if your really upset. The best thing too would talk to a teacher at your school someone you feel comfortable with or a councillor let them know what is going on how the kids are treating you. Is there a kids help line there You need to talk to someone who will listen principal anyone so school year won't be so frightening. WRite down all that is happening to you and hand it to your mom and to the head of your school or a teacher so they can stop this okay.
    glad you came here for help please talk to someone close to you take care
  3. Petal

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    Hi LC,

    Why do you hate school so much? Is there a counsellor at your school you could talk to about this?
    I disliked going aswell, I know how tough it can be waking up every day dreading it. Talking about it might ease your worries, take care.
  4. Elle.

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    The reason I hate school so much is becasue I'm always cast aside. I consider to have friends one day and the next they s***w me over. When I'm talking to someone but someone else comes in, the otehr person is ALWAYS more interesting, so im just cast aside and don't matter anymore. I now have just stopped trying. I don't fit in anywhere, and that's been fine, but recently people have actually noticed I'm still there and they use me for a laugh...
  5. FallenRyo

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    That's always so hard, when you're unseen and the joke of people

    :hug: If you can, try and make plenty of friends here. Few, if any, would screw you over here. We usually know how you feel.
  6. Elle.

    Elle. Well-Known Member

    Thank you :) appreciate that.

    To be honest, it's not like I'm 'unseen' or like have no friends you know. It's just that everyone has better friends. And you know how there are these clings in schools right, well I don't belong to any of them, because even the most anti social of people (I can be very happy and sociable) have their cling. They have friends of their own and don't really want me. It's like the whole world has enough friends to make room for me..

    wow I make it sound so lame....