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doped up.


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i feel like im bloody nuts!!
my body is now filled with meds.

im on 20mg of escitalopram [anti depressant meant to be good for anxiety]
1mg of respiridone [ anti psychotic]
250mg of amoxcillin [antibiotics for my ear infection]


i feel crazy having all this stuff in me!!
it best help.


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understand the feeling of being a "medicine cabinet"!:ohmy: Am on 3 different meds: antidepressant, "mood stabilizer", and anti-psychotic. But I must admit, medicine chest or not, I feel better when I'm on them...:smile:



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When I was a teen and they confused my ocd with psychotic symptoms and such, they gave me neuroleptics. Hated them. But, trilofon and thorazine were easiest to tolerate. Of course, as they're off patent, drug companies cannot make as money off them. Are they any inferior to newer ones? Truly? I dunno. But, I'd rather have elavil, the anti-depressant, than a newer SSRI.

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