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  1. BipolarOne

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    On Friday, I called my psychiatrist to tell her I was having intense feelings and thoughts of suicide. She told me to drive myself to the ER. I figured I was going to end up inpatient in a psych unit. So I made several phone calls to cancel some appointments. My Internist, at my last visit told me I have become diabetic and arranged for an appointment with a dietitian. I called and told them I was going to the hospital, needed to cancel my appointment, and I would reschedule when I was discharged from the hospital. The dietitian, in turn called my Internist to tell her I was home alone and committing suicide! The idiot woman got my doctor upset. My doctor phoned my home phone, but I was driving myself to the ER, so I wasn't home. Not getting an answer, she called the Sheriffs on me. The entire police car fleet from our small town parked up and down my very quiet, conservative block. The cops tried to get into my house, opened the gate to the back yard, and my dog took off down the street. They also went door-to-door looking for me and questioning all my neighbors about the last time they saw me, and what kind of car did I drive. Everyone congregated in the street to gossip and speculate whether I was kidnapped, or if I had made the most wanted criminal list. The entire time I was in a bed at the local ER. I was discharged 3 hours later to go home. Now I am stared at, my phone kept ringing and door bell kept ringing. I am livid with the dietitian and my doctor. My Internist has the name and phone number of my psychiatrist, and I signed release of information documents. I told her I wanted her to be in communication with my psychiatrist. I was having a psychiatric crisis. It was natural for me to call my psychiatrist, not my Internist. I am so upset at the fiasco that took place around my home and the embarrassment it has caused. I feel so angry I don't know if I can ever go see my Internist again. I have been her patient for a long time, and she is the best doctor in the county. If I leave her, I have no idea who I would see, or could trust. I am going to have to figure out on my own how to eat properly to reverse my diabetes, because there is no way I would ever consider going to that incredibly stupid dietitian. How can my life get any worse? I am already constantly bombarded with symptoms from Bipolar 1, and feel extremely depressed. Why don't people in health care stick to healing, instead of ruining people's lives?
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    believe yu me, you don't want this.
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    Wow, I'm so sorry for what happened and for all they put you through. It's so frustrating when people don't listena dn jump to their own conclusions; I'm sure they mean well but have no idea what chaos it can cause.

    I do hope you can continue to see that internist. Diabetes definitely isn't something you want to try and treat on your own. There's a lot of information online about it, but it's hard to know what information is legitimate and what isn't.
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