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Down again

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I don't know why I keep coming back here, but it might help. Every time something new happens in my life, I'm reminded of the mistakes that I made, and it gets me down. It's unfair how people who didn't make these mistakes prosper, and I'm here beating myself up. I mean when you brake your leg it heals but if you brake your mind it doesn't heal? What kind of shity disign is this?


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A 'broken mind' can heal, it's just a different process of healing than if you break an arm or leg. I have the same trouble: when I see people who are successful I"m only reminded of my lack of success.:sad: I'm seeing a therapist and taking antidepressants and "mood stabilizers", and they help. In my opinion a lot of the severely depressed people I know - including myself - are highly sensitive and very aware of what's going on all around them. Sort of like your nerve endings are all sticking out and receptive to every little thing. For me, just the thought that someone or some living being is suffering is too much to bear.

Are you getting any professional help? Counseling or meds? It might be worth a try, if you keep on beating yourself up over past mistakes, like I do too often, then seeing a counselor can help you change your pattern of thinking to something more positive. Give it a try. It could change your life for the better. Let us know how you're doing. We care.:smile: I care.:smile:

love and hugs and hope,

I saw a therapist for one session, but I never went back for the second session. The day before the second session I got very angry, and I noticed that the therapy was causing the anger. Plus a voice inside my head sad don't do it. I know that's the right voice because I ignored it once before and it was a mistake. I'm thinking about taking 5 htp, as that's like a natural antidepressent. I don't believe in medication.

"There are 2 types of people in the world: those who divide people into 2 types and those who don't."

So aren't you one of those people that divides people into two categories?



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Alright, so my dad is making me visit my psychiatrist for the second time tomorrow, just an hour ago, I was dead set on not going, or just going and talking to him for a second and just leaving without getting anything done and now I feel a bit better and maybe will actually talk to him a bit seriously. It can be something just a matter of your mood and its really strange how wildly it can fluctuate. Just wanted to bring that out. But I still don't think he can help as I can't tell anyone exactly what makes me depressed and think that I am way belong help anyways. :unsure:
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