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Down and out

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This sucks. I am beside myself as to waht to do. I am just emotionally and physically drained. I am bleeding from the mouth and it won't stop. My body is worn out and I just want to lay down and sleep, but have too much to do and think about. This is a cold dark world and there is no such thing as light.
I am spiraling down fast and don't care to get back up. Life is beating me up. I am just down and out. I am going to sleep awhile.
Hello there blackfire,

I'm sorry to hear you're still hurting. Did anything new happen, or is it still just everything crap from yesterday? Why are you bleeding from the mouth? Is there anyone there that can help you with that?

I know things seem hard right now but please don't give up. There is light in this world, there really is. I know you're really down low right now, but hopefully soon you'll be able to look up and find that precious glimmer of light, of hope. You can get through this, believe in yourself.

I really think you should go and see your therapist if you're still feeling this bad, or at least find someone you can verbally talk to - let it all out.

Is there any music you can listen to or anything that'll make you feel better? Or anything at all you can do to distract yourself, make you feel a little bit better - even if it's just for a little while?

St. John's wart is a natural, herbal 'remedy' for depression that might help lift your spirits for a little while, so you could try that? It sometimes doesn't work at all with severe depression, but it's worth a shot, right? Anything to help? I think you have to be careful not to take it with some other medicines though.

Hope you start feeling better soon hun,

best wishes x


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I chew tobacco and my gums are bleeding alot. This has never happened before in the 3 years I have been using smokeless tobacco.
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