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Downhill fast

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No! Please don't give up. All your efforts will have been wasted. You're doing great, please tell us how we can help,


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Hi Been there w ith ya on that down hill slide Please reach out okay Call your doctor see if you can get some help some changes to your meds maybe I call crisis line they help me a couple times call them okay Keep posting here that way you don't feel so alone Pm me okay i truly understand i know it is hard but please keep reaching out hugs


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janvan I know it's hard for you but you've done well to make it this far...
please stay around because I believe your family needs you...
It doesn't seem that way now but there's always hope as long as you're alive for reconciliation..
keep reaching out for help...poeple here care about you..I care
got to look after yourself ..#1..YOU!!! *hugs*


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Not feeling well. but not going to hospital either. I didnt want to wake up but did. Thanks for the posts - I do appreciate it. I havent been on the computer for a few days. Just have to try to stop crying now...
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