Downsizing, Moving and other unpleasant realities


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I've come to the rather disturbing realization that I can't stay in the house I've lived in for 30 years or so.

My savings are getting precariously low and I've been tapping my IRA (I know, bad idea). But the cold hard truth is I don't make enough on SSDI to continue to live in a home of my own.

Moving will entail getting rid of many things, some I will be sad to see go, others are just dust collectors. But oh my, the process! I still need to apply to the 3 places I've found that are either senior living sliding scale or simply sliding scale. The problem with supported housing in this town is many of the apartments are infested with drugs and all that goes along with that. I really don't want to live in a drug dealing/use atmosphere.

I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this and can offer some practical advice or even just some support.

Thanks for listening, Angie
I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this and can offer some practical advice or even just some support.
I can't really answer to the quality of the housing that is available. My parents moved into senior housing about 10 years ago and too the best they could find, but still not in a great area. Just the best of the bad.

As to downsizing, I've just recently done that. I took my clothes and necessities, a few of the best keepsakes and everything else went. A garage sale will probably help you a bit with expenses but not a lot. But getting rid of "stuff" is freeing! Everything I kept fit in a mid size pickup truck and a 4x8 U-haul trailer. The new home looks a bit sparse but it's easy to find things now!

Wishing you the best in this and always here to talk.


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Angie, I'm currently in the same situation! I have to leave the house I'm currently in. I've been here for 9 years and I'm meant to be out in 4 days time but still haven't found anywhere. Moving is such a nightmare and so stressful as you know. I want to downsize too. I've got too much stuff that's old, run down or just not needed at all. It's hard to decide what to keep and what to let go of too. Some things are just too sentimental.

I've been stressing so much as I don't have a new property lined up yet but I spent today getting legal advice and it's a lengthy process to just kick me out. I mean, I do want to leave but I need somewhere to go!! Anyway, you're not alone in this at all. Take care :)
Angie I am so sorry that you are facing having to move/downsize as that is so stressfull to try to decide what to keep, having a yard sale, what to donate, pack all the while looking for a place. When i did something similar i did have a yard sale (called it an estate sale as was selling furniture) and had a friend help which made it doable both for the day of but also sorting/pricing things. I also put alot of clothes in consignment shops...all of which i was surprised did generate some funds.

Finding safe affordable housing is so hard and if you can i would ask senior services for advise as then hopefully you will find a place with seniors rather than just sliding scale as would think worry about drugs etc would be less of an issue...

Though overwhelming maybe make list to break it down into doable tasks. Sending you hugs and takevto heart that you arent alone as were all here for you.


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Hugs I had to downsize with my divorce and still have to get rid of a lot of stuff that has been in storage and is now sitting in my garage. I know how hard this process can be. I hope you find a good place to live my biggest worry is being able to afford my mortgage payments and still be able to have something left over for everything else. I ended up staying with family for a while which helped good luck stay safe hugs.


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I have completed downsizing some years back. Just have a storage unit now for things I do not want to discard yet. As for senior living, have not hit that age, but my mom found a place just for people over 65 with security systems in place, very clean and subsidized by HUD. I wish you find something like that.


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So sorry to hear this Angie. Have you thought about relocating to a larger city. You would probably have more choices as where to live and more access to medical care. I have been trying to get rid of some of my stuff every month. It is hard. I have been in my place for almost 30 years. You accumulate so much. But it is just stuff. I look at what I have and wonder how I could have been so dumb to spend so much money on it! Just go over everything very carefully, so you make the right choices.


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argh can't remember how to quote just a portion of a response.

Barb, yes after 30 years one accumulates a lot. Mine is a medium sized library for one. Now if I was still reading print books that would be one thing, but my vision (and I have an appt. with opthmalogist Friday) limits me to lighted devices where I can adjust the size of the font. All those wonderful books I always dreamed of having.

I have a ton of craft stuff that needs to go. Mostly cross stitch which I can't do anymore.

The list is long, and I don't really known how as I don't think my nerves could handle a garage/yard sale.

Thanks to everyone for responding, you are the best!



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I'm sorry u are going through this. I wish I could help, but I really have nothing to add to the above. U probably know this already, but there are second hand book places that will buy your books. Unfortunately, they don't pay much at all. I hope things get better for u.


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WOW!!! I've just come across this thread... I'm packing to move because I can't afford living here any more. Argentina has a serious inflation problem. So I was exploring other options. And found this site: international living. And there is an article called "Retire overseas" with some beautiful cheap places to live. I can't do it because I've got 4 beloved rescued pets. Besides, our currency has almost no value elsewhere... and I've started my passion career here.
I'm very... VERY attached to my stuff... big problem ...
I see the posts are dated "January", so I've arrived at this thread somewhat late. But anyway, just to say I can relate,too.


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I never saw this either. I lost everything in divorce. I left there with about a truck load total in the end. We didn't scrap about anything, I couldn't handle that. Keep the house, keep all the crap in there. I had a place to go. It's rough though - all of it - deciding what means most to you, what you can do without, just moving to a new place. It sucks.


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Nope, @walkerbait95, I visited your incredibly beautiful state when I was a young girl, and fell in love with it. I decided to study aeronautics engineering in Boulder, passed the exams, was admitted... but there was a huge devaluation in Argentina and could not afford it any more. Then I did the same in 1984. And again a huge devaluation... It was not meant to be - so it seems. It was a magnificent chimera. It's still a thrill thinking of it after so many years.
Thank you for answering my question.
Sweet dreams!


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Hi, @may71! I'm not sure if the question was addessed to me. If it was: yes, I am. It's urgent. The problem is I 'abandoned' the apt when I started with depression because I couldn't pay the bills. The apt has big expensive furniture. I'm trying to sell kt and buy something smaller but you don't get anything for it - not even enough to buy the cheapest one. I'm consulting several real estate brokers to have an idea of the price I could get so I can see what I can buy. I need a house because people are not very friendly to animals here and many condos and beginning to forbid them (I've got four rescued ones).
Thanks for asking!


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I'm sorry. The post wasn't addressed to me. I thought I was reading the thread"Packing".
That's ok! :)

I'm glad that I asked and that you answered! :)

The apt has big expensive furniture. I'm trying to sell kt and buy something smaller but you don't get anything for it
I wonder if you could sub-let the apartment, maybe for slightly more than you are paying in rent.

Someone may appreciate having a fully furnished apartment, and that way there wouldn't be the trouble of having to move or sell the furniture.


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Thank you, @may71, I own the apt but it's too small, even for us 5 (my beloved pets and I). And there is this problem with the neighbors who hate animals. We (the pet owners) won this time, but it's a Damocles ' sword over my head. This country is ill of inflation and the retirement (it's public here) covers only 1/3 of the fixed expenditures. I've got to move. I'll try to move to another town near Mar del Plata but to a house (for my pets).
The problem here is to find someone to buy this one fast not "giving it away", for I need to make a difference to go on living.
But I'll keep your piece of advice in mind. I might have a room in my new house I could rent to get some extra money!;)

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