downward spiral

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i have had so much going on for a week or so and really thought i had finally started to see light at the end of the tunnel of emotions. tonight i think its changing again, im craving alcohol so much i feel ill, i feel alone, scared, and out of control. the need for pain is so strong i cant ignore it any longer.
Try to take your mind off how you're feeling. Watch TV, listen to some music you like. If that doesn't work then find a goal to aim for that will help to pull you through even just this low. You're not alone with those emotions, the only thing keeping me here is my family and there are plenty more struggling just like us. It's important that you keep reminding yourself that you ARE in control because that will help keep breaking point at bay. Stay strong and PM me or anyone else here if you want to chat.:smile:
is there a dbt group around you? dbt stands for dialectical behavioral therapy... it offers some skills that might be helpful.

if you can't solve the problem, you can try to survive, "tolerating the distress."

it may sound stupid, but trying to stick your forehead in freezing water for 15 seconds may help, or doing intense exercise.
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