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My sister has this possessive, clingy, horrible boyfriend.. He won't let her do what she wants, has to talk to her 24/7(or every waking hour), won't let her hang out with who she wants, talked her out of being christian (which I don't agree with at all, even though I'm Athiest.. It's just not right. Dx), he's banned her from pretty much a life.
And recently I found out they were having sex.. She is 15. (Her boyfriend is 16, which is legal age of consent here but I think it's too young)
I'd known for about a week or so and then there was some facebook drama, I said a few things, dad found out.. Dad has banned them from seeing each other or contacting each other. If they do, dad will be right down to the police station..
Mum knew about them doing this for months, but being the person she is she didn't want to get involved.. it's their choice blah blah. Ever since dad banned them from each other my sisters boyfriend has been spamming my mums wall with child/human rights things. (I'm tempted to spam his with rape articles).
Mum feels kind of bad with all this, she wants them to be together because she thinks they really love each other. But then she doesn't because she wants to keep her daughter safe and to be honest even though my sister is upset with all this she does seem a bit.. happier in a way. Even though she woke me up twice by trying to strangle me, threatened to kill herself several times, and ran away once for a few hours.
I've told mum she should put her in the youth mental hospital, or maybe respite.. Just to let her have some time to herself.
She has been so much worse since being with this guy though.. She's just angry and irritable ALL the time, she doesn't get enough sleep because she has to ring him on set times and if she doesn't she gets yelled at.

HE had the cheek to call my boyfriend shit because he doesn't see me 24/7, he ignores me sometimes so he can have some time to himself, and he doesn't have full control over my life. O.o Why would I want a boyfriend that doesn't want to give me space?? Why would my sister want a boyfriend like that..
My sisters (old) friend commented on one of his "child rights posts" saying that it is not love, it's obsession. Which I fully agree with. He's obsessed with making her life hell.

I'm glad I got that out. I feel bad for mum being stuck in the middle a bit though. :/
Being stuck in the middle is no fun. :(

It's enough that this guy is creating a situation with your sister but that he is trying to create a situation in your relationship?
What a troublemaker.He has no right.

I hope you find the magic words to deal with this spammer once and for all. :)
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