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dreading it

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i have my first appointment with a shrink on wednesday and im dreading it i have heard so many horror stories about people not being able to get help being abused or the shrink making things worse. i dont know whether or not i should cancel my appointment :sad:


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I am so proud of you and wish you the best...be yourself as much as you can and know you are also interviewing the therapist...s/he has to be worthy to work with you...please PM me if you would like to talk about anything before or after the appointment...I was in treatment for years and years
im just terrified of not being believed or having exposure therapy i just dont want things to get worse because i opened my big mouth.but my mother said that if i didn't like the therapist that i didn't have to go back


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It's your choice so you can switch therapists or terminate therapy if it's not helping. I guess what I'm trying to say is I've had bad experiences with therapists and shrinks alike.

Finding a good fit for you and someone you're comfortable with is vital. Sometimes, therapy can be a lot of work and very painful, especially with people who don't mesh well with you.

Sorry to hear that your appointment has you feeling down; that's an unpleasant experience, and I can relate since I used to rehash what went on during my appointments even though I didn't want to and be down for days as a result.
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