Dream about a young girl, trying to save her brother

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    This might just be the strangest dream I've ever had. I had it in the early day of the 24th of November. I wrote this down on my mobile, after I had had the dream, but the mobile didn't allow me to post such a long text, so I had to send it in parts, to my e-mail, and post it in the library, since I have no working computer.

    First of all, I would like to point out, it was in first person perspective, possibly all the time.

    I don't remember the whole of it, but from where I can remember, it was about a young boy who had a favourite place he used to go to. It was in an industrial-like area, with a lot of concrete. To reach it, he had to climb a metal ladder, whose steps were uncomfortably close to each other. The steps were bent bars. Early in the dream, he went to this place, and saw what looked like a decapitated head, a couple metres from where you came up (he had climbed all the way up). It was the backside of it, though; he could only see the hair (the head-like object was placed in the front of a space in the floor, right in the middle, and with a terrible darkness behind, despite this being in the day (the building had a large opening towards the outside)). This scared him, and he climbed down. Later, he came to the entrance with his slightly older sister. His sister stayed down, but he climbed up. When he reached the top, he again saw the head. He hadn't even reached the top, before the head suddenly turned, shrieking at him and closing in in haste. The boy is terrified, but he doesn't move; not because of paralysation, but because he seems curious as to what would happen if he let himself be exposed to whatever it was about to expose him to.

    This is where the perspective changes, and it turns to the girl. Somehow, you have, at this point in the dream, understood that a weird, supernatural-like sect has kidnapped the boy, in order to extort the two children's parents. The girl doesn't necessarily understand this, however, although she understands she has been unconcious for a period of time, and that her brother has been taken away. Although the girl is where she was when her brother disappeared, when she woke up, now she is suddenly in a small room, mostly dark red due to dark red silk drapings, with many books and an expensive-looking table, probably of mahogany, with two small, matching, expensive-looking chairs of the same material. The rest of the room also has a lot of mahogany. She is wearing an American graduation hat, and can suddenly see she is not clothed at the top part of her body (possibly, she does this in a mirror). Due to her body having become more developed, she realises that a lot of time has passed (possibly towards a year), and that she is twelve. She decides she must look for her brother. She goes to the industrial-like area, finds the ladder and climbs it. The head is no longer there (although she never saw it, and never knew what took her brother). She sees the hole and probably jumps over it. Since it is very dark inside the building, she reaches for a light switch she cannot even see, but she knows it is there. When switching it, barely any lights are lit, if any. From somewhere around the switch, she finds a flashlight. The flashlight has very poor light, but she proceeds inside, anyway. She sees a quite a deep corridor, with many entrances along the way, aligned in even distances from each other, and always facing each other. No doors are to close the entrances. The sight is undescribably scary, but she has to find her brother. She continues, briefly peeking through the entrances with her poor flashlight. The more of the rooms she passes, the scarier it becomes, since she becomes more vulnerable to attack. Suddenly, she peeks into a room in which she seems to see a big bathtub, filled with water. When she sees this, she becomes too scared to continue, and she runs away, back towards the ladder. She suddenly stops, however, thinking she must connect the flashlight into an electric outlet in the wall (possibly for a recharge), so that others also may use it to walk through the darkness. She is, however, too panicked to connect it properly. She passes over the hole and towards the ladder, starting to climb down. This is where the dream ends.

    I had nothing but nightmares/terrors during this sleeping period, but I've forgotten the others. I woke up after this dream, and was awake for up to five minutes, after that, since the dream was so scary... I cannot remember having more nightmares/terrors, during the continuing sleep... slept to the early evening, from that.

    I would like to point out, this dream was so scary, I actually shivered a couple times, while typing this down... and I'm not very easy to scare, normally. It was just a sickly scary dream.
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