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    Just a warning, I tend to get pretty rambly when it comes to dreams. I have a bad habit of describing every detail.

    I dreamt I was in Hell. It was surprisingly pleasant as time went on, though it sucked pretty bad at first.

    This version of Hell was like being inside an active volcano. The walls were rocky and red, and there was a pit of lava at the bottom. Didn't look all that scary, really.

    The devil himself was rather cartoony. Tall red with horns and a permanate smirk on his face. I think he had goat legs, but I wasn't really paying attention to that detail.

    I watched people get pushed into the pit of lava. They don't suffer, they just cease to exist (although I did worry that they might've felt a pain for the few seconds they were alive). Most of them didn't seem to be aware of where they are, they were doing something else when they were pushed out of no where (like playing cards).

    The dream repeated with myself going into the lava pit, although I remember a few times where something was different about the scenerio.

    When I'm thrown in, I feel heat before everything goes dark. It's not really painful, but nor is it pleasant. It just gets warm, I see laval flowing around me before I fade. But I'm dead for a moment before I wake up back outside the pit, only to repeat the process.

    I felt pretty terrified and hopeless at first, but the feeling gradually lessened. Eventually, I was just bored with it.

    The last time I fell, I was sitting at a table with these middle-aged men in gray/black suites. I can't remember if they were playing a card game or not, but I think they were. We were seated right in front of the pit, and we were talking. I was the only one aware of what was going on.

    The table fell backwards, taking the men with it. I was obviously supposed to fall with them, but the table broke apart so I was still just sitting there. Satan and some generic minions stood around embaressed and they were awkwardly silent. Kind of funny now that I think about it.

    I knew they were going to push me anyway, so I jumped in myself. I hated the wait and I thought I might as well surprise them. I heard Satan awkwardly chuckle while I was falling, basically saying "Well...it fixed itself".

    For that time, I didn't wake up as myself. Weird thing is, I woke up as one of my virtual pets from Kodapets, who's name is Liam (he's basically a purple imp thing with a hunched back). I knew I was Liam, yet at the same time I felt like myself. It's hard to explain.

    I just stood around, hoping Satan would forget I was there. I half-expected to just blend in as another demon, I looked the part except for the purple (seriously, I stuck out like a sore thumb. A big purple imp when everything else was red and orange).

    A woman was gushing over Satan, trying to get him to date her. For some reason, she couldn't be pushed into the pit, which pissed him off pretty bad. I just watched them argue back and forth for a while until Satan said he'd date her if she jumped in the pit (it was a lie of course, we both knew she'd just cease to exist like the rest).

    She...wasn't all that bright. So she said yes. I couldn't help myself and said, "How are you going to go out if you jump?" (in Liam's voice, or rather how I imagined him to sound).

    She ALMOST got it. She made a skeptical face and said, "Yeah, HOW WOULD that work?!" (extra emphasis on 'how would'). Satan rolled his eyes and she pretty much forgot it in half a second. She jumped, and I just stopped caring.

    Next thing I knew, I was flying out of Hell (still as Liam). I was out of the volcano-like room and going up what looked like a worn-down tower. I'm surrounded by blue and black hues. Other demons were escaping with me (hard to see them though, they were all black with red eyes). I knew they were on my side.

    Satan and the still loyal demons tried to chase after us, but with out much success. I woke up before we actually escaped, but it looked like were succeeding.

    I used a dream dictionary, so I have a pretty good idea on what it all means. Well, sort of. I have no idea why the hell I was Liam, what that lady was all about, or the broken table.
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