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Dream about my mother and grandmother?

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I think I now what the dream was telling me but I'd like someone else's interpretation.

So in the dream I was at my grandmothers house, sitting at the kitchen table, kind of huddled up and hugging my mother on one side and my grandma on the other. It was really just a completely happy dream. We stayed like that, hugging, for the entire dream pretty much where we just talked over coffee about random stuff. I'm pretty sure my sister was in the dream, too, but I can't remember what she was doing there. She wasn't in the circle hug.

So I think I had this dream because before going to bed, I got into an argument with both my grandma and my mom on the phone. I guess this is saying I should call and apologize, right? I'm still beyond upset but my grandma is elderly and my mother is sick and, god forbid anything happen, I wouldn't it want that to be our last conversation.

Any other interpretations/idea/suggestions?

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I would just call and see how they are both doing hun I still have not called my mother yet and i should as we have had a fall out too. Hugs to you
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