Dream Come True

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  1. ish_me153

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    To me you're like a dream come true
    They are so many, we so few
    I had lost hope until you came
    Then you saved me from my pain
    Without you my life's a muddle
    I don't want to be trapped in this puddle
    My heart aches for the day we will meet
    I'm walking down an endless street
    I want to feel your hands in mine
    Our love is the perfect crime
    I yearn to be withyou until the end of time
    I know your dreams are exactly like mine
    We are so close, yet so far apart
    You will forever be in my heart
    I just have three things to say to you
    They are simple words, but they mean everything
    "I love you," is what I ache to say
    But forget to every day
    You leave me breathless and fill my mind
    To me you are the perfect find
    I know this isn't lust, it's love
    Never again shall I be a lone dove
    My heart used to be filled with hate
    I thought I'd never find a mate
    Then you came into my life
    And saved me from ever using a knife


    that's as far as I've gotten, so yeah rofl...I was writing it in class instead of doing algebra :X
  2. Petal

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    awesome poem sweetie :arms: I hope he did save you :)
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