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dream interpretation

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This isn't exactly suicide related but it is a curiosity to me. Every since I was about 13 I've had a reoccuring dream. In the dream I'm about 5 or 6 and I'm playing in the yard outside. My mom is in the house washing dishes by the window. I can see her keeping an eye on me and it makes me feel safe. After a few moments I hear her scream and dishes breaking. I run into the house and she is gone. I look all around, but can't find her. I notice that the basement door is open slightly so I go in. At the bottom of the stairs is a long hallway that goes left and right. It looks like a missile silo or some sort of underground military base. I look to my right and there is a guy coming toward me. He is a long way off, but I can still see that he is carrying something in his hand. He is dressed all in black with long black hair. I start running to the left in a panic, but no matter how fast or far I run he still catches up to me. He finally grabs my shoulder and I turn around and he's holding a long knife. Now this is what confuses me. I stopped having this dream when I was about 19 (I'm 25 now). A few months ago I started having them again. When I was young I couldn't see his face, but now I can. When I turn around I'm looking at my own face but older (me at 5 looking into my 25 yo face). If anybody has any thoughts on this I would be very interested to hear them. I just don't have a clue.
A few things I've done worry me. I don't know if I believe in ESP or anything like that, but I did join the Navy when I was 19 and I was stationed in and underground base. It's odd.
This ones simple.

When your a kid you felt secure.
your mother or someone else gave you that sense of feeling.
Then when she screamed it was when you were growing up.
(the security must be provided by yourself now)
You ran into the basement and there was two ways to go right?
The way with the man with the knife was going to kill you, and the left way wasnt.
You started walking the left way then turned around and looked.
It was you coming to kill yourself.
(You may not have no sense of security, most people don't.)
You stopped and then woke up shortly after.

Im not sure why you had the dream but the sense of security was a big part of it.

Thats about all I get out of it.

Hope I helped a lil
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