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I dreamt that I needed an operation. My parents told me it was a "toliptomy" (I didn't know what it was, I took it as being similar to having your appendix out. Maybe that's what it was and my brain just couldn't remember the word for it?). Unsurprisingly, I was very apprehensive. I sat online (on here :laugh: ) and told people in chat, including Robin, who had just said something weird - although I can't for the life of me remember what it was - "Well, that's me going!" It was about 10pm. Which, for an operation, is an insane time. But that never occurs to you in dreams, does it?
Anyway. I went through to the other room and was given an injection, anaesthetic. Then my face started to go numb. I was panicking and saying, "I don't think my face is what's supposed to be numb!" and my parents were leading me into another room, presumably for the operation, when, thankfully, I woke up due to the alarm I had set last night.
I am very, very glad I set the alarm now.

Something which made me think: my Handbook of Dreams says the following about dreaming of undergoing an operation:
Doctors and nurses are often the focus of our attention when we are at our most vulnerable and needy...If you dream you are undergoing an operation, this may reflect a subconscious realisation that something is wron in your life, perhaps with a relationship, and must be cut out.


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Tbh handbook of dreams are a pile of crap... it's all about what the dream means to you, from your perspective, given your experiences. It might be as well to sit with it and see what those images/people mean to you and what the overall feel of it was. :smile:
I woke up feeling freaked out and scared :laugh: God, I'm glad I set that alarm...
I know dream handbooks are probably rubbish. But it's just, having something to do after a dream like that is useful. You know? Looking it up to see what it means...it takes time. Time which stops you thinking about it :laugh:
Sorry, I'm in a bit of a weird mood. I don't know if the fact that my face was numb could be because of the whole feel-almost-no-emotions thing. I did the Burns Depression Checklist earlier and got 96 :dry:
Maybe there are lots of reasons.
Anyway. Thanks for your input :)
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