...dream over!

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    Can you remember a day

    where everything was perfect

    when you leapt out of bed

    to embrace the day.

    The weather was fine

    your mode of dress was suitable.

    Your plans laid out

    your breakfast delicious

    only good news on TV

    Nobody said or did anything

    to upset you.

    The car started first time

    everybody else on the road

    was courteous to you

    the lights changed to green

    at your approach

    a parking space awaited

    with plenty of room

    people waited patiently

    for you to park.

    You arrived with time to spare

    whoever you met sat

    and was hanging

    on your every word

    they never interrupted

    except to pay the bill

    for the most delicious lunch

    you’ve ever had.

    Everyone looked at you

    and it truly was

    your special day

    a day you know

    that you deserve...

    OK! wake up!

    dream over!
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