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  1. BipolarGirl (Deathplease)

    BipolarGirl (Deathplease) Well-Known Member

    I often dream of being raped. I want the dreams to stop. Alcohol does not help, cutting does not help, sleeping pills do not help, a combination of sleeping pills do not work. I don't know what else to try. Does anyone else have these kind of dreams?
  2. TheRiver

    TheRiver Member

    I've had nightmares before of the childhood sexual abuse occurring to me again, and have woken from them screaming. It scares my wife a lot, but there's not much I can do to control that. It's not as frequent now as it was 10 years ago when I first started confronting the past in therapy. Perhaps talking it out in therapy could help.
  3. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Back in 2012, I was suffering severe nightmares, I was told counselling is the answer and that there is no medicine to stop nightmares (don't know of that's true but that's what the doctor said).

    Could you possible meditate before sleeping so you will be in a better frame of mind before sleeping? What are your thoughts before bed time?

    Please look at this link, I got in from another member, it's fantastic http://marc.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=22&oTopID=22

    Keep us updated, what you are going through sounds very stressful :hugs:
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