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  1. indigogrl79

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    Doesn't eveyone supposedly dream? I know ive been told I dream... but why is it so extremely rare and always two of the same type of dreams? If I dream its maybe once every two or three months.... and its the same ones. How can I have the same exact dreams from more than five years ago?

    ive asked one of my doctors before, he said I do dream but must not be able to remember them.

    I find it really creepy to be honest.
  2. razor2012

    razor2012 Active Member

    There are some apps you can find if you have an iphone or android. They're for lucid dreaming but people generally say it helps them remember their dreams. You could also set your alarm to go off every two hours or so and you'll most likely remember, problem is you'll have to write them down before you go to sleep or you'll forget them again.
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