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Dreamless sleep?

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Does anyone know how to achieve dreamless sleep?

The damn frequent disturbing dreams I have leave me feeling depressed/angry when I wake up but I can't remember much more than snatches, it's becoming way too much to handle.


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My nightmares receded when I cut out watching television, and movies. When I was younger, video games caused bad dreams aswell. Try listening to relaxing/soothing music before you hit the hay. I've also found that thinking of a happy memory as I'm drifting off is conducive to a pleasant nights sleep.
Happy zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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Well for me I never dream and I just figured out the reason. I have a fan in my room that makes a little noise and every night its on I don't dream but if I forget to turn it on I dream and have nightmares etc. So it could be a reason or mabey I do dream just don't remember them though.

Well if anyone figures it out let me know. I have nightmares quite often and of my rapes and abuse and other things. Because I am tired of that shit. :mad: :dry: :cry:


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It is possible but it isn't worth it. Trust me, I've done my share of experimentation in this field. Now I just refuse to go to sleep pretty much at all :blink:.
Technically, it is possible, but only through annestisia (the sleep you're in for surgery). So really, unfortunately, there's no safe way to have dreamless sleep unless you go to the hospital to sleep every night.
Alot of the time I don't feel as I do dream. It's kind of uninspiring ya know? I'm sure the thoughts are there but I don't remember them. But still it feels empty sometimes.

Maybe I lack the stimulation in life that would inspire the sleeping mind to break free? So I suppose you could relax before trying to rest. Take time maybe 20 mins to gather your thoughts, and think them through. And let it all occur then.

Then sleep.


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My brother user to have night terrors a fair few years ago, so for a while my parents used to wake him up every hour, and they stopped.

So, if these nightmares are really bad then you can wake yourself ever hour via an alarm or something, you wouldny give yourself the chance to dream. But I imagine the quality of sleep you were getting would suffer. Kind of a catch 22.
Alcohol seems to have different effects from person to person.

For instance, when I drink (heavily) before sleep.. I talk/shout/laugh in my sleep, as well as dream. Quite embarassing in the correct situation.


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Yeah, alcohol isn't such a great one for dreamless sleep, I find.

In my own experience, cannabis stops you dreaming at all. Valium (diazepam) does also. Tramadol mixed with alcohol does too.

To be honest, the last two really aren't worth it. The tramadol/alcohol thing gives you a horrible hangover that lasts all day. Valium is a risky thing to be playing around with, and it's highly addictive (as well as expensive).

I'm happy to use weed sometimes to achieve that effect, but of course there's all the associated dangers that go with smoking. *shrugs*

It's really your call. I posted on the last page a while back saying that I just don't allow myself to sleep at all anymore. That was pretty much true. It was also very unhealthy, but not as unhealthy as all the (prescription) drug experimentation I was involved with before that. Eventually I was prescribed an anti-depressant called Mirtazapine. You take it at night and it knocks you out. I've found I have very vivid and weird dreams on it, but I didn't have nightmares on it at all for some time. It was such a relief.

At the end of the day, the best way to ease nightmares is to become a less unhappy/traumatised/anxious/stressed person. Anti-depressant medication can aid that, but therapy's proabably your best bet.

I know how valuable good sleep is, and I know how utterly draining and unbearable constant nightmares can be. I really hope this gets better for you.

:hug: Take care.



I didn't really read everything... but why wouldn't you want to dream..?

I love dreaming, it's one of the only times im at peace =3


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I really don't think its possible for you to not dream, but there are ways to force yourself to have good dreams. Not sure exactly... I will post them later.


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Actually lots of things (see above) suppress REM sleep. Using such things cannot be a long term fix because you don't get sleep that's as good in 'quality' if you don't get into REM. However, it can certainly give you relief for a limited period of time from the terror. Sometimes that's all we need to have a chance to start working on our actual anxiety and stress.


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I have dreams which make no sense when I'm depressed. I don't remember them, but I do know that they made no sense. I have a lot of trouble sleeping.

}{Feather Pen}{

Dream catchers work for the superstitious. I, on the other hand, find they give me nightmares. But maybe that's just me.

The best thing to do I say is don't overexhaust yourself during the day, because if you sleep lightly, you won't go into REM mode and you only dream in REM mode. if you overexert yourself, you sleep deeply at night which, you guessed it, brings on REM mode which is the deepest stage of sleep.
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