Dreams of falling in love. It's all I have left

Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by DarkFantasy, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. DarkFantasy

    DarkFantasy Well-Known Member

    Well I realize now I just keep having the same dreams.
    They all involve someone who I love and loves me back.
    I woke up crying after the dream. I couldn't take it. I don't usually cry because I just don't care enough. But it hit me when I woke up this time. It hit me hard. The moment I woke up. I just sobbed like a baby. For love.
    I can't keep having these dreams. All it is is me and a girl. In love.
    Well dreams can't get any more generic and sappy than that huh. It sounds that way, but the dreams really are deep. I love you. Whoever you are in my dreams. But you already know that.
    Please come true dreams. Please.

    Another dream about falling in love.
    This time it was an old ex's sister.
    But I realize the people I dream about are just people I've known being tools for the essence of love.
    We were making music together outside. It was a game where you put together samples and make your own music. The interesting thing is we were in bed, outside in a fantasy world, playing it. Basically, everything I love about everything was contained here. Falling in love, beauty, music, and fantasy.

    It took a little turn though. While staring at the clouds together, her mom (played by an ex ex's mom) showed up, but it was her dad (no one I know) who ended up driving us both to some exotic location that he wouldn't say.
    We ended up going up and up a large hill. Up higher, and higher. Where we were going was just on the other side of this last hill, but as he drove up it, the car fell off and we all fell very far down to our deaths.
    I remember then, seeing the news that me and the girl had died together while her dad barely made it out alive.

    Can someone make these dreams stop. Please. I can't stand only living in my dreams. It's the only place I actually live anymore.
    I want them to be true and all I can do is cry when I wake up.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You need to get out join new groups find new interest meet new people okay
    that way your dream will someday become a reality the only way to meet people is to change up your world abit okay take care
  3. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    I don't know how to make those dreams stop but I've come to treasure them nowadays, rather than wanting to get rid of them.

    There are times when I don't have any of those dreams and I miss them but when I do- I remember how meaningful they were for me.

    But I used to feel like yourself for months years ago, I'd do the exact thing. The dreams would be so moving, intense etc, I'd wake up crying and wishing somehow for them to stop happening, I think it was over the feeling of loss when I woke up?

    I'm sorry if this wasn't helpful, just letting you know you aren't alone- and your post helped me in a way because I didn't think other people had them.
  4. victor

    victor Account Closed

    them dreams, uh.. as for me, every nite in bed before falling asleep i have these fantazies about my girl, i hug the pillow and imagine her next to me, imagine the things we'd say and do if she was actually here. these fantazies comforts me while in action, but upsets and hurts once i open my eyes an see a pillow in front of me and not my girl:( i wish i could avoid it, but its out of my control, i cant think of anything else, n cant stop it no matter how hard i try. anyways, very often these fantazies leads to the dreams, once i fall asleep. and i wake up at nite and start grabing the bed looking for Amina, and as soon as my sleepy mind realizes shes not here, i become very sad and want to cry. anyways, what im trying to say is - i believe that somehow we can program our dreams if we think or imagine smth before falling asleep, coz thats whats happening to me. if these dreams hurts u, try and whatch best tyson fights on u tube, or any non romantic material u like, n fall asleep watching it. it definetly wont hurt nor upset u if u dream some boxing or footy match:D or, if u r physically exhausted, ure unlikely to dream anything, so try to work out hard before sleep. i dunno if it works for others and cant guarantee for my words, but its like that for me
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