dreams that held the future

Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by hi my name is, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. hi my name is

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    so i know i have had three of these dreams but i can only remember two right now.. it was the playoffs in the nhl a few years back and i remember that kevin bieksa was playing for the vancouver canucks. i remember dreaming about him gettin an ankle injury and to my amazement the next morning on tsn kevin bieksa was out with an ankle injury! Another dream i had was i was trying out for my city's junior c hockey team which had switched jerseys to save its ass on money. so i dreamed that i was trying out and it was the last one and they said here you go guys keep the team jerseys and equipment and that was the end of the dream. the next day at supper time my dad somehow ended up bringing up that the junior team was switching back to the original jerseys. How did i fortell this shit:eek:hmy: i believe it has to do with teaching myself how to go into lucid dreams since i was 7. i literally could go to bed and lay there and within 10 minutes.. without going to sleep.. be in a lucid dream that i could fully control. i have had many psychic and insane intuitive experiences and i believe it's because i trained my pineal gland
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    Any chance you could give us next week's lottery numbers? :tongue: lol
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    I have had these types of dreams, but only for this particular time in my life, a couple years before the things happened... they've predicted things for this particular time in my life - from the end of November last year to July this year. They have been about more or less significant things that have been happening, but why I have had these predictive dreams, I can not figure out. I had them about my ex-girlfriend about happy times between us... still, she ended up being unfaithful to me and I broke up with her. Also had predictive dreams about when I was to meet her but was deported before ever even leaving the airport. I then have had extremely clear predictive dreams about a girl I met after my ex-girlfriend's third breakup. That dream meant nothing, either... after I took back my ex-girlfriend for the third time, and she then was unfaithful to me, this other girl never really was interested, anymore, despite that I had the dream about her for the time after the final breakup. She's also said today that I depress her. Kind of impossible that the dreams meant that she was my true love, then. So why did I have all these stupid dreams for this particular time in my life if they meant nothing positive, whatsoever? I have never had dreams like these, before. I'm sure I'll soon remember other dreams that have predicted something else that is yet to happen... but despite that, my life will just go on towards the path that requires me to end my life.

    I just don't get why I had these dreams if they meant nothing. I'm starting to hate them and I hope I won't remember any more such dreams, from now on. :/
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