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Don't know if this post should be here but, i've been having dreams about someone I knew. It was the girl who died in the car crash 2 years ago. And she keeps on appearing in my dreams and I always get this sense of relief. But when I talk to her, she seems like she doesn't care about me. She appears at random times at random places in my dreams, Don't know why.

Sometimes, I wish I knew how she felt about me and I would like to know what this dream would mean? I know this isn't the place, but I would like your observation on what my mind is saying to me. I am not superstitious though I believe that my subconsious is telling me something...


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hey looiki, sorry you have had such a hard time.

i dont think your dream means anything particularly. you are just missing your friend and probably trying to remember what she was like and maybe you just didnt realise how much you meant to her and that is why you feel she is not interested. she was very young so sometimes it can bite a bit harder and it is probably not helped by the treatment of your father. dont be afraid of your dream, it shows you have not forgotten your friend.

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