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This is going to sound really stupid but I need advice and help...I have taken this from my blog but more people seem to read this and so thought I would post here also...

I can't get the dream and the feelings out my head ( http://behind-the-scenes-goldenpsych.blogspot.com/2011/07/weird-feeling.html ).

I am actually wondering if I had the dream for a reason. Was it telling me something. Was it telling me to go ahead and do it tonight? The more I think about it the more it makes sense. But I try and rationalise and think it was a dream. Dreams don't speak to you. Dreams are just that, dreams and not a reality.

But I can't get the thoughts out my head. It's going round and round and round. I feel so uneasy. It's like I have been holding my breath for a while.

I don't actually know what to do?


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Dreams can be triggered by your thoughts through the day. They are your conscious mind sorting your thoughts out.

Ask yourself why you are having the conscious thoughts in this area?


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Because I have been planning things for a while. It's been in my head for the past few months and it's getting closer.

I have an appointment with Dr T the PDoc tomorrow. I am dreading it. I am not going to be telling him about anything as I feel what ever I said goes against me and he will use it against me to get me in to hospital.


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Sorry you feel that way about pdoc. Hope you can at least let him know something of how you feel?

Your dreams are following your thoughts, there is no inner voice telling you anything.


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Subliminal ?

Symbolic ?

I guess whatever you think a dream actually is - it's sometimes a message.

But sometimes it means nothing.

Also - like me - its like dreams don't bother with the subliminal. I'm walking down the street - normally, apart from the fact I'm carrying one of those £50,0000 missiles - like point it - and, bing! or BANG or BOOOM.

Forget Freud! He would just say "Yes, its just phallic symbolism" - but trust me, its a £50,000 state of the art actual missile. Plus I have other weapons - unless Freud just cries about me 'over compensating'. If he appeared in my dream - I'd drop him just as a matter of course.

Anyhow - sorry to go off-track - but sometimes, like I am saying to you - dreams are just blatant - its like our subconscious has given up even trying to symbolise things!

So for me - the first dream was just a classic situation in which you try to kill yourself But - seems as I have happened upon people really into interpretation, maybe the injury was symbolic as the abdomen is near the womb. Your description, sounds like child birth - in a way. My sisters would be good at this. Could be way off target - but maybe you got some subliminal stuff still happening.

Also - death in dreams is usually symbolic. A part of life needs to die. That's just basic common sense!

As for the second dream - its looks like your seeing a physical projection of your own depression - two beaches - your on the rocky one - some other people and some young people are on the good beach - goofing about (not heard that expression for ages) Like your looking at yourself in some ways - were you are now - were you'd like to be. To be happy no less!

The man with the blood - the number 34? How old are you? Sounds like he is there to warn you or reassure you. Being in a speedboat carrying the life-saving-blood implies he was the only person in control in that dream. He was the only one with some significant purpose. Blood represents life in dreams you know. This blood was preserved - carefully so to aid someone.

And of course - apart from all the ancient knowledge about divining dreams - the various 'systems' seen in many societies for thousands of years - its always been a religious thing also or a spiritual thing.

Whatever it is - the message, be it your own subconscious - or something else, its meant for you to divine or interpret.

Its a known fact that sometimes dreams get real bizarre - premonitions and so on. I've had a few but its always ordinary moments. I used to get this deja vu quite often - dream something ordinary which then became bizarre as I realised, it was happening.

So, for my dream with the £50,000 missile - I was only going to aim it at Parliament, nobody innocent is harmed. Its not about destroying me - its just my concious giving me a dream. I wake up - realise it, and gradually get to a point were I realise that its just an idea for a book maybe. Fed up soldier, on leave, gets himself said missile - or lots of them.

Maybe I'll go nuclear tonight. Take out some far off military base (after adequate warning) and arrange world peace. Be peaceful or become radioactive.

It would be a nice world if it was peaceful - so you got to define your own little world within the world as it were. Dreams can tell us that for sure - but bear in mind - some meds can stimulate dreams and that can make us worse!

There are dreams we all hold dear - I'm talking about hopes which are the next step up from dreams and a short distance from reality.

Life can be like a dream sometimes.

Good luck and take care.

PS - Life is shaped by the dreams we have wide awake in the daytime or night.

So don't stop dreaming there!
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I'm 27 so not old. The people on the lower beach were younger than me but not kids. About 21-24ish. It was really weird, I can remember it really clearly. I don't usually remember my dreams at all. Maybe I should start writing them down as soon as I get up.

I often dream about beaches. Another regular dream I have is being on a beack that is on a really steep incline. Like a really big hill. And another is where I have been at the beach and then I am back in an appartment and the waves are massive. The appartment is high up like on a cliff and set quite far back but the waves are so big I am worried they are going to come at me. I am sat there watching them and they seem to get bigger and bigger.

I wonder what it all means.
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