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I don't know about everyone but to my knowledge most people forget their dreams straight away after waking up, some people dont even see any dreams.

Well recently , since I have been having all these problems, for the past few weeks, I can remember many dreams ... I can remember pretty detailed like 4-5 dreams during the past 2 weeks, but before that I could only recall like 3-4 dreams of my entire life.

So are dreams more prominent when you are in an anxious state?

There are two dreams which I remember very well from the last 2 weeks... and they both involve me bashing someones heads in.

The first one I was at my old school and I started fighting with a kid who used to bully me, we fought a little and it ended up with me ripping his head off, and then feeling remorse that I had killed him.

And the second one was also at school, but then another kid, who wasn't bullying me but I didin't like him cuz he was ignoring me ... well anyway I confronted him and he punched me in the face, and I went into a rage and bashed his head in with ease, there wasn't even a fight I was like super strong... and again I felt remorse right after I had killed him.

Other dreams that I've had during the past few weeks include; Me and my mom both having a fatal disease and accepting suicide; a very rainy day with a lot of flooding everywhere, my house was flooded and we were desperately trying to save the house; And being chased by a flying tiger.

So I've been having these kind of weird dreams lately, and I can remember some of them very detailed.
"Dreams are Royal Road of the Unconscious" - Sigmund Freud

I agree with his definition of dreams. I tend to remember lots of my dreams. I know lots of my dreams are constructed from recent, past and present experiences.

This site gives an interesting view of symbols and meanings experience inside dreams.



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A week ago i had a dream that i was at the funeral of the lead singer of blue october, me and his band were saying our goodbyes....
Now i remember always being told that death in dreams means a new beginning so i went to the bands site and turns out theyre releasing a new album which i have now got.


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ok i had a really weird dream last night, i was sleeping at my exes and dreamt my mates kids were left unattended for a long time and there was a carbon monoxide leak which killed the youngest and the eldest was left abandoned at a farm, i managed to save the eldest.
On waking up i poked my ex and starting asking whether declan (the youngest) was alive, it was so vivid.
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