Drinking tips for kids like me

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by Umbrella, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. Umbrella

    Umbrella Member

    Hey, I'm 16 and i drink a lot when i get sad or mad. i just wanted to share a few of the tips i have for people like me.

    when i drink, it's usually because my parents got mad at me or i got mad ad them for one reason or another. so they know that i want to be alone. this works out well for me, because i lock myself in my room and nobody talks to me until i come out

    i would suggest that you start to lock your door more often, so your parents or other family start to get used to the idea of you keeping your door locked. you could ease into this by keepin it closed and having them knock before they open it, and then start to keep it locked. this is what i did, because i used to not lock my door but they got used to me liking my privacy.

    I hide my alcohol in my closet thing, which goes behind my wall and is really hard to get to. I am really, really lucky here.... it's a perfect hiding spot. I don't knwo what to tell anyone else about where to hide their stuff, but there's probably a couple. i just thought of one actually. inside my garbage can, but underneath the bag. wow i'm suprised i thought of that idea. that would work well, and so would keeping it inside your computer. my computer comes apart by pressing down a few levers and pulling the case away. theres lots of room for spare parts in there. thats where i hide my razors, because it's so fast to get to.

    This might be really weird, but i keep a pee bottle in my room too. my parents would know right away if i went to the bathroom but i was drunk, so i pee in that when i need to. i know that's kind of gross, but for me, going out of my room is a horrible idea.

    when i feel the need to, i drink on schooldays and i go to bed early. when i wake up tired and feeling like shit i drink a lot of water and say i went to bed late.

    I would really suggest keeping small bits of food in your room, as well as a few gallons of water. if my parents ask me if i'm hungry while i'm drunk i just don't have to reply, because they know that i'm 'brooding', as they call it when they think i can't hear them. fuck them.

    well that's all i have to say really, i just wanted to introduce the idea of 'easing' your parents or family into something you do. that was the main thing i wanted to show you guys, because it's useful. i use it all the time, like when i stopped talking. i got sick one time, with a sore throat, but i acted like it really hurt and i said i couldn't talk. then a few weeks after, i said my throat was still a little sore and i don't want to talk

    i kept doing this until they stopped asking questions, and now i don't talk to the and they just see that as part of who i am.

    I hope this helps,
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I think you should be open and honest with your parents and get help for your drinking problem. If you can't talk to your parents then talk to your councillor at school or a teacher as this is only going to get worse if you don't get help now. Stop using alcohol to isolate yourself get help now while you are young
  3. inside

    inside New Member

    I'm in a similar situation and i can honestly say that some of these tips are useful. Thank you
  4. SadPandaBear

    SadPandaBear Well-Known Member

    I've had a lock on my door since I was 6..... I really dont understand parents that have issues with their childrens privacy....
  5. Outsidethecircle

    Outsidethecircle Account Closed

    My parents don't know I do drugs, so it's nice to see that somebody else has some crafty tricks up their sleeve. I hide my marijuana in my speakers for my computer. My parents are aware that I'm lazy, so I let food mold there on purpose so nobody would even think about questioning the smell. I'm really not sure where to keep my pipe, so it's usually on me or I use a disposable soda can pipe, which are really nice.

    I've never been drunk before, does it help take your mind off of things like marijuana does?
  6. Umbrella

    Umbrella Member

    Wow, it's nice to see some positive comments.

    inside, and outsidethecircle, do you have any other questions?

    Drinking, for me, just makes me happy. Similar to marijana's effects except it doesn't make you psycho ananlyze stuff like marijuana does.
  7. Umbrella

    Umbrella Member

    Panda, I envy you. My parents used to never leave me alone. They didn't like knocking, me having my door locked, or even closed for that matter. Even today, if they come into my room while it's unlocked, they do not knock, and they don't shut the door behind them on the way out. Ever.
  8. X-51

    X-51 Active Member

    I got a good chuckle out of that, given the context of the thread.


    At 25 years old, I've done more than my fair share of drugs, drinking, etc. etc. However, at your age, you have no concept of the damage that alcohol will do to you. In hind-sight, I often regret much of my own behavior.

    I realize that you may have issues that you feel the need to use alcohol to "escape from." But the reality of it is that your problems will only get worse.

    Alcohol is one of the most difficult substances to cease using, and the drug most people are most likely to re-establish dependance on once going sober.

    In addition to destroying your liver, and your brain, you're also ruining your longevity, dexterity and intellect. And at your age, the effects will be far more profound.

    The reality of the situation, is that you're merely ignoring the problems that exist day to day, instead of dealing with them in a more productive manner.

    My advice therefore, is such:

    In the blink of eternity, the entire span of your life is but a fraction of a moment. Quickly engaged, and sooner forgotten. But it belongs to you. You have a scant 70-80 or so years (estimate) in this world. No matter how hard things are or how worse they might get, it is all the time you will ever have. But only you can set the value of your life. If something sucks, change it. If you have issues to deal with, deal with them. Because no matter how bad things are, you only have to deal with them for a very small amount of time, when measured up against the span of eternity. You might as well make the best of it, because as bad as you may assume things to be, the cosmos will deal with this shit for a far greater period of time. ;-)

    But advice, sadly, is easily prescribed, and difficult to swallow.

    Light without eyes, illuminates nothing.

    I wish you the best.
  9. zerick

    zerick Member

    as someone who has been drinking from an early age I just want to say that you should stop before the problems get worse. I know how nice it is to have problems disappear for a few hours, trust me... they just get worse.

    I used to hide the alchol in my car since my parents searched around my room while I was at school. How fucked up was that. I used to drive around getting drunk because I was unable to be left alone in the safety of my own room.
  10. X-51

    X-51 Active Member

    I have to point out, that while your parents were searching your room (which you decry as "fucked up") clearly they were searching for a problem that you admit existed. :sad:
  11. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    Here's a tip for you kids! Take it from someone who started drinking at 15 AND DIDNT STOP UNTIL HE WAS 42 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. WildCherry

    WildCherry Staff Member ADMIN

    Agreed with the last post. You may think that your problems are going away while you drink. But in actuality, you're just creating several additional problems that you'll eventually have to deal with. On top of the ones you're attempting to mask, you'll have alcoholism and possible liver and kidney failure to add to the list.

    Instead of trying to hide everything from your parents (and instead of encouraging other people to do the same thing), why don't you try to put some effort into dealing with what's really going on and with the problems you're attempting to hide from?
  13. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    I am sorry if I seemed harsh, but I take this stuff deadly seriously. Alcoholism almost killed me. Alcoholism took away EVERYTHING from me. And I mean every frickin thing.

    Please....don't drink.
  14. Outsidethecircle

    Outsidethecircle Account Closed

    My dad raped my Ex-girlfriend while he was in a drunken rage. He's in prison now, but I lost the love of my life because of that.
  15. Umbrella

    Umbrella Member

    I'm sorry, Outside.

    I would say the usual "I'm not addicted to alcohol, I drink when I want to and no more", which is true, but anybody who has been through AA would say that I'm wrong, and that I have a problem that can't be fixed unless I go through the program.

    So.. I can't really say anything to the 'don't drink' comments that won't be responded to by faulty logic or preconceived notions; the stereotypical response a recovered alcoholic would use. So I guess I'm simply stating my position as a response to the 'don't drink' posts.

    wow i didn't know i had such a big vocabulary lol

    ODIECOM Well-Known Member

    as there seem to be more pro drinking in this thread, im sure that explaining the hardships, issues and problems drinking can cause is a waste of time.
    after drinking for 16 years, i know with the wrong attitude about drinking .. there will be problems for you.
    i started when i was 19 and quit when i was 35. the attitude about drinking is what is going to screw you up.

    all i can tell you younger folks is, i wish you the best. keep on drinking and you will live the same displeasure that thousands of us already have.
    the younger ppl seem to take it as a big joke. drinking your problems away are only temporary. oh yeah, then you have to deal with hiding the hangover from your parents. then you have to deal with the hangover. dont forget, when the hangover is all gone and you have dodged a bullet from your parents... YOU STILL GOT THE ORIGINAL PROBLEM looking you in the face.

    teens have a harder time dealing with their issues due to the lack of experiance in problem solving. when we start drinking and drugging, there is a secret problem we have to protect. my escape, although i didnt look at it that way at that time, was drinking and drugging.

    the more we drink and drug, for our "reasons" the more we become dependent on it. we are not going to admit that. for a while, there may not be many problems because you drink, but thousands will tell you ... in time it will happen. by then it will be to late. you will be riding the pity pony in jail or because you suddenly realise YOUR STUCK.
    yeah, i know its kinda blunt. but there is no sugar coating the facts of drinking and drugging. ppl think far more of someone that has taken steps to recover than they do watching a loved one slowly kill themselves.

    its how we handle our problems that make the differance. you will slip into the eternal mindset of " no one cares, i cant take this anymore, whats the point, i cant live without my bf/gf."

    life is full of let downs, trials and errors. you cannot life your life based on narrow thinking. you have the oppertunity and the ability to find what truely works for you. you also have the ability and resources to solve problems. ppl dont want to display their issues to others, yet, they have no problem walking around drunk or stoned. if you think ppl dont see it .. your wrong. they know. its a far better thing to live with an open mind and realising that only YOU control your outcome in life.
    there are hundreds of oppertunities out there to make your life better .. its a matter of what you desire FOR YOU.
    you wanna keep drinking, thats up to you. just remember that everytime you take that drink and hide from your problems .. the worse they BOTH GET.

    this comming from someone that has been sober 14 years and clean 17.
    i learned from ppl just like me.
  17. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    If you are drinking to escape you have a drinking problem. I am sorry, but I do not find your tips helpful in any way at all. They simply encourage others to do something that will harm them in the long run. And as alcohol is illegal in many places for minors, you are also encouraging them to break the law.
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