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    Claire & I have just returned from a bingeing session. We left the car at home and used our concessionary bus passes to go on a pub crawl. We each drank ten pints and Claire is currently on the bed drooling a little. We have kissed & cuddled and now she is sleeping I am stroking her sleek black long hair and kissing her purdy little face. Before Claire fell asleep she told me she loved me & I told her I loved her and relaxed she fell asleep feeling safe in my arms. I often have to hug her to make her feel safe as she is extremely insecure & scared of life & her abusive past which I repeatedly tell her she is free from as I will care for her & love her

    Does anyone else drink excessively to feel calmer and relaxed?
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    Well, my husband and I don't drink, but we've gotten high together on numerous occasions and it ends the same way you described your night. So, yeah, I have done something similar, but it's probably not a normal/good thing to do on either one of our parts lol. As long as it's not the only thing you ever do together though, and you have a strong relationship with the person, I don't think it would particularly ruin it either, though. My husband and I know a couple who have been together for over 7 years and all they ever see each other for is to drive down to get dope, and then when they get it, half the time they argue about who gets what out of it, and then it's "see ya later" back to their respective homes, and they still say they love each other and continue to be with each other. Now that's a relationship obviously doomed to fail, so like I said as long as you can still enjoy each other's company without it, I don't think it's the worst thing in the world per se.
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    :thankyou: AsphyxiateOnMisery